About Us

Crop of Maria Stultz's watercolor self-portrait

Maria Stultz. Freelance Web Designer.

MQStudio is the online portfolio and web home of freelance web designer Maria Q. Stultz.

Before becoming a freelancer, Maria worked as a web designer for Travelocity in Dallas, TX. In this role, she acted as lead web designer on cobranding projects for strategic partners like AOL, Yahoo, and AARP.

Maria is also an Industrial Engineer and a Duke MBA who, in a previous life, put bread on the table by developing complex financial models used by managers to make business decisions.

MQStudio's headquarters are currently located in dry and beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tools and Skills


Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator.

WordPress and Blogger CMS.

Macintosh and Windows platforms.

English and Spanish.


Why Work With Us

Because we have the knowledge, experience, and professionalism you should expect from someone managing your design project.

We communicate project status and meet deadlines with professionalism. At the core of our design work are project goals, web site usability and business perspective. We understand that projects have specific objectives beyond the creation of beautiful designs, and we make those objectives lead our design work.

Under the hood, our work is also impeccable. We code web pages with CSS, in accordance to W3C web standards. This translates into many advantages including easier and less costly site maintenance, and leaner, faster, and more flexible web pages that are also highly accessible to Search Engines and alternative browsers.

Our clients constantly rave about our design and coding quality, project communication, thoroughness and perfectionism.

Our Work Process

Project Definition

Before we can start working, we need your help in understanding your project's requirements and goals. Shortly after our initial conversation, we will ask you to answer our client survey, which will give us the information we need in order to understand your project, and provide a proposal and cost estimate.

Design and Development

Once you sign-off on the proposal, we will start working on your project. You will be provided with a private web site where we will post design concepts, page prototypes, and all other work in progress for your review. It is very important that you review our progress frequently and communicate with us to give your approval, comments, and change requests to the work.


We thoroughly test our products to make sure they work and look as intended in most web browsers and operating systems. Once all tests are completed and you approve of the work, we hand the final product over to you.

MQStudio offers site maintenance services, but if you choose to take on the maintenance of your site, or if we are delivering intermediate work to you (such as web templates), we will also provide you with hand-off documentation to make the transition as easy as possible.