Graphic Design

Crop of graphic design sample

Most of our customers come to MQStudio because they like our design style and want us to create a custom piece for them. Sometimes, the design is all a customer wants, and this may be your case if you have the technical resources to build your web site from a design concept.

Some examples of design work that we have done include the creation of design concepts for web sites, the design of postcards, flyers, and promotional materials, the refinement of existing designs, and the illustration and creation of a web prototype for a children's game.

Web Templates Development

Several customers ask us to design and develop web templates which they can then use to create a full web site. This could be your case if you can write HTML or have a webmaster.

Under the hood, our templates are neatly coded with XHTML/CSS. In comparison to poorly coded web pages, CSS pages load faster, are easier to use and maintain, and more accessible, to Search Engines and alternative browsers.

With our web templates, we also deliver documentation to help you take over and preserve the integrity of the original design.

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Web Site Building and Maintenance

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Other customers need a full service: Someone who can arrange domain registration and web hosting, and design, develop and deliver a fully functional web site.

We can do all of this for you, whether we provide the web site's design or not, and whether you want us to maintain the site post-launch or not.