Portfolio: Artistic Web Design Samples

Amanda Quijano
Sculpture Portfolio Site

MQStudio designed and developed this portfolio web site for Colombian sculptor Amanda Quijano.

The site, named "Metal and Earth", exhibits this artist's work and presents her professional information in English and Spanish.

A large part of this project involved retouching all photo images in order to modify their backgrounds, and to correct poor lighting in some cases.

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Amanda Quijano Sculpture Portfolio Site

Design Goals

The sculpture work must be the main focus of the web site

The design should reflect the artist in an attractive, elegant, and unpretentious manner.

Our Solution

The design is primarily based on images of the artist's work, placed on a dark canvas and harmonized with warm "metal and earth" colors.

Original photos were color-corrected and retouched with subtle lighting effects to emphasize the plasticity of the sculpture.