Portfolio: Corporate Web Design Samples

nCircle CSS Templates and Dynamic Flash

MQStudio designed and developed web templates and Flash objects for nCircle, a leading player in the U.S. network security industry.

Flash content was a requirement, but nCircle also wanted to be able to update their business messages easily. Therefore, a CSS-based design with dynamic Flash content was our logical choice.

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Design Goals

As with any other corporate site, nCircle's web site should look clean, crisp, credible, and professional. It should be easy to navigate and understand.

nCircle also wanted to include "call to action" links easy to spot by users on every page.

Our Solution

Flash objects load images and text dynamically, according to an XML file. This makes changes and additions extremely easy.

The site is clean and largely white, with color accents used to facilitate scannability and to highlight important content and calls to action. Customer testimonials are specially highlighted.