Portfolio: Corporate Web Design Samples

Orbit Logic Web Site

MQStudio designed and developed this corporate web site for Orbit Logic Inc., a world leader in mission planning and scheduling software for the aerospace industry.

Inspired by one of our corporate designs, Orbit Logic specifically requested the use of Flash in their home page.

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Design Goals

As a young and growing technology company, Orbit Logic wanted a professional looking web site that would communicate their expertise, trustworthiness, and success.

In the short-term, the site should help promote brand awareness, but in the long-run, Orbit Logic planned to build their corporate web site into a rich source of information to support their sales and post-sales efforts.

Our Solution

For maximum flexibility to future content additions and modifications, we built the web site with a CSS-based design and dynamic Flash content.

Our primary goals focused on designing a scalable web site with plenty of room for content growth, and a clear information structure with up to three levels of navigation.